Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

August 30, 1992 Toronto, Ontario

Loved having you here in Toronto and being able to see you and “Joseph” so many times. You were the best!

We saw you in “Joseph” in Toronto, 3 Times in Chicago and in Detroit!!! You were FABULOUS and your “Close Every Door” song is one of the GREATEST voices and songs of all time!!

You have to buy the DVD of this one.

Love seeing Donny sing amongst the children and hearing their voices added to his.

He probably worked harder getting in-shape for Joseph than he did for Dancing with the Stars! lol

Oh, I think DWTS was much harder. LOL!

After seeing the show many times (in Chicago, Toronto and Vancouver), of course I hád to buy the CD. A great memory of a great show. Every time I hear ‘Close every door’ it gives me goose bumps. Even more in the theatres, because of the acoustic sound!

I think you were the best Joseph by far! I absolutely love this musical and am actually performing this with my parish soon (I play Reuben). Are you still performing this show at all? I have seen the movie but I really wish I could see you do “Joseph” live someday! <3

My sister Karen had two students from her class in one of the choirs in Joseph. She attended a show and asked at the end if the red BMW with Utah plates was yours. They said no so she went to backstage door but was told you’d already left. She went back to where red bmw was and it was gone. Next time she went to the show she waited by red bmw and out you came. She met you and told you about my love for you when I was young. Then I went to a show with Karen and after we waited at the door and again out you came. I waited in line with about 30 other people and when you came to sign my program, for the first time in my life I was speechless. My sister said to you “this is my sister, the one I told you about”. You smiled and went to next person. When you were about five people down the row someone asked when your bday was and without thinking I found my voice and said Dec 9. <3

My daughter Misty was in the choir in Vancouver and I was a chaperone. Your daily visits to the kids to say hi were so exciting for them (and us as most of the chaperones grew up with you as our idol) working on that show fostered a deep love for the theatre for Misty and I – she still spontaneously will burst into one of the songs – her kids now know them all! Love you still and always

Loved being able to see this musical multiple times in Toronto, Chicago, and Michigan

My mom had been a fan since she was young. She was so excited to be able to take me to see you perform in this musical! I remember my mom starry eyed like I imagine she was as a teenager. I also loved your performance and have been a fan ever since.

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