The Las Vegas Flamingo

November 16, 2019 Las Vegas


Originally scheduled to be a six week run back in 2008, The Donny & Marie Show ended after an unprecedented eleven year run!

Came to this show from the UK in 2010. My first passport. My first time on a plane. My first time meeting Donny (had waited 38yrs !) …….

Extremely happy and excited for your 10th year at The Flamingo! Anxious to hear about your plans for the future!

Extremely happy and excited for your 10th year at The Flamingo! Anxious to hear about your plans for the future! Thank you for all you do for your fans!

So grateful to have seen the Donny and Marie show every year so far and look forward to coming back this year for their 10th. Love them both that much.

I’ve been to the Las Vegas show 2 times and Christmas shows 4 times. I’ve loved every minute of them and can’t wait to see more. #Osmondfanforever

I have been to two shows and love both. I tell everyone going to Vegas that this show is a must β€œDo”.

Came 2 see u in Vegas in 2010 was my honeymoon I’m from the Welsh Rhondda valleys xx

Fabulous show!! Saw you 4 times in Vegas last year and going for a record this year! See you in March!!

I watch you every chance I get I just love you and your family .

Donny I’m so proud of you and Marie that your show has withstood all the comings and goings of so many shows in Vegas since 2008 and still going strong. If you two decide this is the last year in Vegas I know many fans will be so sad to see you go. If it were up to us we would love to have you two do another ten years!! But I know you two may have other ventures you want to pursuit. I want you to know that I for one am so grateful to both of you for doing the show in Vegas for as long as you have. It’s been one heck of a ride and I’m glad I’ve been able to see the show several times. I will like to ask you if by any chance will you be putting out a DVD of the Vegas show? Back in 2009 you video taped the first show I went to for my 50th birthday on Jan, 27th. You had mentioned back then that it would be available but never came to be. Would love it if you put it on your website timeline or sell a DVD of it or better yet do both!! Praying I’ll be able to come see the show this year and see all the new changes. Thank you Donny for making so many dreams come true for so many of us, your fans. We love you!!

Loved the Flamingo show and the meet and greet!!! I cherish my time speaking to Donny and Marie and the photos with them!
Besides their emense talent and energy-they are so positive and upbeat in a crazy world .
Donny and Marie you are a gift!!
Loved your Christmas show a few years ago at the Pantages in Hollywood !

Really hoping that 2018 isn’t the end. I’ve seen the show 46 times now & hope to add quite a few more this year. Thanks to this show I’ve at least partially conquered my fear of flying. Never want it to finish!

Saw the show last September and it was wonderful! We had VIP tickets and met you and Marie!! You are both amazing.

My husband and I have seen your show in Vegas twice including my bucket list meet and greet the first time. πŸ˜€ We are planning on coming again this year and am planning on the meet and greet again. I love the performers that you are and how appreciative you are of your fans. Entertainers you both are and most importantly you maintain your faith while in the show business world. You should be proud! I am a follower seeing you three times in 2017 and twice in two days in two different places during your summer tour. A year I will never forget! I share with anyone that I am a huge fan and very proud of it! Keep singing!!

So happy for you both to celebrate 10 years at The Flamingo! Your show is fabulous and I can’t wait to see your new 2018 Show! Thank you for all the joy you have given to so many through the years!

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I was very blessed to have seen Donny and Marie’s Vegas show.
It was a phenomenal performance. I will never forget hugging Donny twice; once when he came off the steps and walked over to the row I was in and the second time when he sat on my lap. He even asked me if I was having fun. Oh, and I kissed him on his cheek tooπŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ˜
I hope to make it to Vegas this year and see them on a meet and greet night to have a pic with them.

Great site Donny!!! Can tell that you put a lot of planning into it!!!

Thank you. πŸ˜‰

Seen D&M’s show going on close to 30 times now, starting at the MGM Grand. Never get tired of it. Sometimes miss it when they remove my favorites, like, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, and Crazy Horses. Love it when they talk to the audience and tease each other. They must get exhausted from all the costume changes alone! Great to hear Donny talk about Andy Williams and Marie sing Paper Roses.

Congratulations Donny and Marie on Ten years in Vegas!

Donny, my sweet husband brought me to Vegas in 2012 to see you and Marie. It was a fabulous show! It was our 30th wedding anniversary. Wondering if you’ll extend your time in Vegas, and if your tour this summer will include St. Louis??

Love this site. You are excellent in the social media (for your age, as my grand kids say) . Will be front row in Vegas feb 16 with my husband. Look for big moustache. My birthday gift. See ya then!

Through the years, I’ve seen the show many times, and it’s just great! Every time, after you’ve changed it, I just had to see it again! And even though the M&G’s are expensive, I think it’s well worth the money. I love my D&M hugs! πŸ™‚ And the beautiful pics! I’ve seen several other shows in Las Vegas, which were nice, but I still think, your show is the best, with all the varity in it. I hope I’ll be able to come to LV again and see you, but I’m not sure, if I can make it, financially, since I lost my job, due to health reasons. But who knows……. I want to thank you and Marie, (Γ‘nd the rest of your family) for all you do for us fans and being so nice and kind. I’m proud to be an Osmond fan for 45 years already! And so glad, I’ve met most of your family members. You’re the best! Thanks for this great site, Donny!

Love this new site.hoping to get to Vegas this year to see you and you

Went to the Donny and Marie show on Valentines – and was so happy we made the decision to see you two – what versatile performers you both are – I was singing and smiling throughout the evening – and yes – I came home with your CD – I love Survivor – and Don’t Give Up – driving back from Vegas to San Diego – I enjoyed it so much – Will recommend without hesitation- thank you for your hard work and excellence so us fans can add some joy in our lives –

2/24/18 Great show tonight! Couldn’t believe how Donny belted out his Joseph number after incredible dancing. Nobody does it better. This grandpa is not slowing downπŸ˜‰. His voice is going strong, too! Bravo Capt. Shang😍

I was so excited to see the show in 2016. My sweet hubby got tickets right up front. I was thrilled when you shook my hand! Donny, that made the dream come true, for my eight year old self. I hope to be able to see the show again…. it’s amazing!

Thanks Cindy.
I have no intentions of slowing down. LOL!

I’m glad you had a good time.

I have a weeks vacation time April 9-14. Was hoping to come down to Vegas to FINALLY see a show. I see there is a two week gap. Are you touring the East coast? If so, i might stay home in NY. Great sight! I can tell a lot of planning went into this. I love the way it is so easy to navigate.

Thanks Ange.
I’m glad you like it. I don’t have the itinerary yet but that should be coming real soon.

Thanks Donny! Good to know, i will choose another week, perhaps in May! I await the itinerary! πŸ™‚

Can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m coming in October.Please wrap yourself in cotton wool and don’t do anything reckless between now and then because I’ve been waiting 46 years for a Donny hug!

LOL! I’ll do my best.

Wow! Ten years in Vegas! I wish it had been ten years at ‘The London Palladium’ Lol! Anyway, ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ to you both.
On another note, do we have another album on the horizon? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if some of the album was written by you. I love:- ‘Faces In The Mirror’, ‘My Secret Touch’, ‘Whenever You’re In Trouble’ and ‘Surviver’ to name but a few.
Love Linda

Would love to see you and Marie come to southern Indiana.hoping to see you in Florida in June.last time was in 1982 in Louisville KY at the Palace are awesome.thank you so much for your music and the time spent entertaining all of us you,bless you.

Donny been a fan since 1965.. Just was wondering i see where there is no tours in the East Coast. Was hoping for you to return to Pa. Or Ohio. Miss you both last yr. When you were here in Pa doing 2 shows. Been a fan since 1965.

Would love to see you and Marie share the newest Vegas show with us in the UK again. cant beieve it was over 5 years ago you toured here together. A Christmas show next year would be lovely too just in time for my Dec 19th Birthday now that would be a FAB birthday treat xx

I’ll be there in August, it’s been a long wait since last time, but oh so worth it.
Aug is now my new Christmas, see you soon and prepare for my coming lol xx

I have been a fan of the Osmonds from the beginning and have very much enjoyed reminiscing with a lot of YouTube and other internet videos and websites this past weekend. I find your family values and principles so uplifting and in today’s world, so refreshing and fulfilling to know you have stood by them throughout your careers in show business. My daughter and I hope to be able to do a trip to L.A. and Las Vegas this Fall, probably my last, and if we make it, your show is a must-see for us. Thank you for the past 50 years – may the Osmonds and their next generation continue on! May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Yayy πŸ™‚… Saw u have added 2019 dates on ur FB …6 weeks just turned into 11 years! ..amazing πŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸŽΆπŸŽ€ … a

LOVE this show and am beyond ecstatic to hear that it’s going into it’s eleventh year in 2019! I wonder how many people have walked through the showroom doors since that first show, any idea? πŸ€”β€οΈπŸŽΆπŸŽ€

Good question. A lot!

Yessssssssssssss ..Guess whose coming to Vegas πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Literally bouncing off the walls with excitement! Even tho im coming on my own dream has finally come true ! Can you believe it ? Me In Vegas on my own .. crazy LOL 😳
See you April 10th & 12th πŸ™‚β€
Ps ..Maybe cancel the shows the week prior? That way its a dead cert ul be there the week il be there lol πŸ˜ƒ

Coming to see you again from the UK in just over a weeks time. Love the show! Have seen it nearly 50 times since you began your residency in 2008. πŸ’œπŸ˜Š

Just returned home after traveling for 19 hours but it was worth it to see this awesome show and finally get to make a 46 year old dream come true by meeting you.Those hugs were worth waiting for.Can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming up next

I have seen the Vegas show twice – AMAZING!!! I also loved Joseph here in Chicago and I see your shows whenever you are here. I have been a fan since the very beginning and still have all of your albums from the early days till now. THANK YOU for the joy you have brought to my life and the lives of so many others. Blessings to you and your family always!

A dream came true for me for my 60th Birthday in June 2018 I never thought I would ever get the chance to get to Vegas & stay at the Flamingo Hotel ,The show was amazing so pleased it lasted more than 6 weeks πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

Hey Donny, I’ve been watching you and Marie on Youtube doing the UK tours and Vegas shows!!! Great job! Planning on being in Vegas to see your show in July, my 57th birthday. Can’t wait!!


03/04/19 – Good Afternoon Donny!!
I wanted to say thank you for everything that you do!!
I really love the song that you and Marie
Sing, It’s a beautiful life. I can really relate to it!! I play the video over and over again in YouTube ☺

Longview, TX

03/04/19 – Good Afternoon Donny,

Thank you for everything that you do!!
I really love the song that you and Marie
Sing, It’s a beautiful life. I can really relate to it!! I play the video over and over again in YouTube ☺

Longview, TX

03/04/19 – Good Afternoon Donny,

I really love the song that you and Marie
Sing, It’s a beautiful life. I can really relate to it!! I play the video over and over again in YouTube ☺

Longview, TX

Heard the sad news that you are leaving Vegas – Nov 16 – the end of an era is always sad BUT understand your need for change -you’ve given your heart & souls into the Vegas shows – which I am delighted to be seeing in 20 days time ! Can’t wait to see what you have lined up next..Donny Osmond the next chapter ❀

You and Marie will surely be missed. If possible try to get your last show televised on ABC, NBC or even PBS. It will be great for those that can’t see the last show in November,
including myself. Even on YouTube.Com. A lot of your fans in Facebook have been asking about this also.
#Numberonefan #Vegas. #LongviewTexas.
Have a great weekend!!

Please please please before show ends will you release a DVD of the show so we can relive memories!!

Hi Donny
Can you settle an argument please ! Was it Donny & Marie who decided that taking photographs of the Vegas show ain’t allowed ? OR was it the Flamingo’s decision? And … if I take ONE next week…will I be thrown out lol ? ❀

LOL! That’s a Flamingo policy.

Just back from Vegas & thought I’d post a review.. did I like Las Vegas ..totally honest I didn’t…did I like the Donny Solo ShowπŸŽ€πŸ•Ί on Wednesday April 10 …OMG.. You bet I did πŸ˜ƒ..Heard an hour before the DM show that Marie had cancelled.. first thought was ..hope she is ok ? 2nd thought was ..don’t tell me I’ve travelled halfway across the world on my own to see the show & it ain’t happening 😳 BUT ..the show must go on ..& couldn’t believe that you were doing it Solo ! It was like the #DonnyUkTour show all over again …unbelievable! Thanks for not cancelling Donny very grateful to you for thinking of everyone πŸ™
Your show was spectacular πŸ•ΊπŸŽ€β€
Marie was back on Thursday..the D& M show was out of this world ..LOVED the dancing..singing ..banter..flashbacks …what beautiful strong pitch perfect voices you both have ! Never heard ..🎢 Best Days Of My Life 🎢 song before …what a catchy song that is ! … be available to download soon Donny?
Thanks for 3 wonderful shows & meet and greets ❀ … looking forward to a UK TOUR .. wonder what year that could be ?

My husband and I saw your Vegas show on 2/5/19. You sang happy birthday to me for my 60th birthday! Best birthday present ever!! And getting to meet you and Marie was icing on my birthday cake! Wish I’d been able to video you while singing to me~~😒. Hoping to get to Vegas again before your Vegas gig is up:)

I’m So excited because I just managed to get a ticket for the last show at The Flamingo in November! I’d given up hope of being there as tickets sold out as soon as it was confirmed that the last show would be November 16th. I couldn’t believe it when something made me check on Ticketmaster, and there was a seat, waiting just for me! It was a stressful few minutes as I rushed to get logged in and grab that ticket before anyone else saw it… Those things are like gold dust 🀣 I’m so happy that I get to be a part of such a special show after eleven years of wonderful memories, many friends made from around the world and lots of fun Vegas adventures πŸ˜ƒ See you in November πŸ˜€

Would you ever put one of your show on a dvd to purchase I loved your show when I saw you guys on vegad

I count myself as one of the lucky ones to have seen the show at least once before it ended in Vegas. I didn’t get to do the Meet and Greet. For that I will always be sad. But Donny do you think it will be possible to do a DVD of the show for all of the ladies that never got to see the show. I wouldn’t mind having those memories myself to keep. Thanks for the music. I love it.

I was honored enough to see Donny & Marie, on Thursday night (October 17,2019)it so happens that my son got married at the Aria on Saturday October 19, They were amazing to see, the show full of endless energy, that was on my bucket to see ,😎it’s ironic I was sitting next the lady. who’s son is pool man for you .
Much love ❀️

I was lucky enough to be at one of your last shows in Vegas (10/30/19). My husband and I were passing through and I checked for tickets. We had to stay an extra day so I could see your show. It was amazing!!! Well worth the extra day of staying.
What I wanted to tell you is- when you did the Facebook comment CD giveaway I had a great answer why I should have won and get to meet you, but I’m not on Facebook 😭😭😭😭! Maybe you should have a email or text number just for that??? Just saying!

Donny I was so lucky to see you & Marie in Las Vegas in one of your last performances, October 30,2019. It was amazing!!!!
When you asked who wanted to win your cd, β€œgo to Facebook and tell me why you should win, β€œI had the perfect answer but I’m not on Facebook.
I would have said β€œ this is mine & my husband’s 43 rd anniversary of our first date- and I’m spending it here with you!”. πŸ˜‚. Just wanted to let you know how much of a fan I still am. Thanks for all the time you give us.
I wanted to say Debbie has got to be the most amazing woman to put up with all you’ve been through and all the fans over the years. Thanks Debbie for always standing by Donny.

Please make a DVD available of the final Donny and Marie show in Vegas for your fans who were not able to come. I have been to your show twice. Once with my daughter and once with my husband. All of us had a great time. Much better than the performances on the recent 2019 American Music Awards. Would love to experience the final show. You are both so talented and such great role models in a crazy world.

We Saw the show day after Thanksgiving 2017. We had hoped to chat in meet and greet but it was an off night. Driving back to Orem on Saturday, I look in my rear view mirror and see a white Tesla S behind us, just south of Mesquite. I tell my wife, Donny is right behind us, somewhat jokingly. I let the Tesla pass us and sure enough it’s you. We had a conversation side by side going 80 MPH. It would be great to catch up sometime, your old neighbor from the Riviera days (1979) and Nick Gazdick roommate. Matt Cook

I saw your Vegas show twice and loved it. Got to meet you afterwards. We talked about your mother a little bit. Donny do you ever feel her near you at times now? My mom let’s me know she is near by the smell of carnations or her perfume she use to wear. It is just a short but strong scent she gives me and usually when I’m going going through a difficult time. I have also seen your Christmas shows in Mpls 3 years in a row. Love seeing you and meeting you. You are such a warm genuine person. Thank you for being true to yourself.

I feel my mom and dad with me all the time. They were the greatest parents.

Donny! Will the last show from the flamingo casino be released on dvd, I would love to have it, I’m a big fan of you and Marie, never missed your shows at the flamingo, hope you both come back to the horseshoe casino Hammond indiana. Your fan. Dee.

No plans for that. Sorry.

Hi Donny
So it’s been 3 months since you ended your residency at the Flamingo…do you regret that decision? Or are you having way to much fun to even think about your Vegas run ?

Just wait until you see what I’m about to announce.

We saw them last October right before they were close to their end in Las Vegas. They put on one of the BEST SHOWS EVER.. They were Funny, Sad, and of course Entertaining at the same time.. We go to Vegas once a year for our Anniversary and we wont be able to see yours again.. Good Luck in all ur new adventures..

Hi Donny
Erm…about 47 days ago said .. ” you wait to see what I’m ABOUT to announce next ” …what happened to about? … or were/are you on a wind up ? 🀭 Lol

Seventeen times , yes best show ever or at least till I get to see him solo concerts, truly blessed to have been a part of his 60 years , keep on rocking Donny , well keep showing up from Texas πŸ’œ

Any chance one of the shows will end up on DVD? I unfortunately never got to see the show and still do! πŸ₯Ί

27 shows so far just in Vegas ,4 in Tx ,2 in Oklahoma, I’m ready for more shows , Stay safe πŸ™

Hi Donny
Can you believe that on Monday ..its q whole year since Marie & You left Vegas & a whole year since you last sang and danced. You both are greatly missed & are hoping one day there may be a #DonnyAndMarie reunion πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ
You must really miss performing…not half as much as we miss seeing you tho …keep hoping & praying you’ll go live on social media.πŸ•ΊπŸŽ€πŸ’œ

So thrilled for you and us that your back in Vegas…altho I swore I’d never go again lol.. I’m actually planning on going in September 2021 with another Donny fan πŸ˜€…absolutely so excited Donny …Will the show still feature crazy horses ? 🐎 🎢..or will it be all new music 🎢 πŸ€”

So it’s 16 months since you replied to my comment on this thread and said you wait to see what your about to announce …never on my wildest dreams did I ghink you were gonna announce your very own Solo Residency In Vegas πŸŽΆπŸŽ€πŸ•Ί…so thrilled for you !!! and cannot wait to see the greatest show this October πŸ™Œ ❀