Las Vegas Walk of Stars

October 4, 2019 Las Vegas

Donny and Marie finally got their star on Las Vegas Walk of Star. Well deserved.

Ahhhhhmazing😇🙏🔥that is what I imagine angels in heaven will sound like praising God😇mind blowing beautiful .. no words just outstanding both of you

An incredible achievement!! CONGRATS D&M!!! Wish I’d be there in-person to see you two get your Star. Would’ve been even better if they’d included your foot prints:)! (I’ve often stared at your feet, D., near the stage & wondered what size shoe you wear, 10’s or 11’s? lol & Marie’s must be really tiny!

Your way off. 9 1/2. 😆

Can’t believe you just responded–thx, Donny, just made my night!

FINALLY!! So well deserved!!

Hi Donny did you ever look at the star we got you from #UK gave you it at roots tech with Linda McIver ? Wish we had a walk of fame in #uk you’d definately be on it #takecare Grace x

You and Marie were always my fav,s.
Also would love to meet you in person. Best wishes in Vegas