Life Is Just What You Make It – My Story So Far

June 9, 1999

Donny’s autobiography was released on June 9, 1999 and it made to the New York Times best selling list.

Donny really revealed a lot about his personal life in this book. It was brave of him to share about his battle with social anxiety. I read this at a time when I was struggling; it helped me a lot!

This book is a great read. Thanks for sharing so much of your personal life Donny!

Loved this book .. So much has happened in your life since 1999 .. it would be great if you had time to put pen to paper & wrote a new one

I agree with Tina!!!!

I agree with Tina and Milly!!!!!!

Loved reading this one wondered when the next would happen. There is always something new to grandkids..milestones…love to read the next one if you ever write you all

I don’t know how many 59 yr old males would read this book, but I did…and thoroughly enjoyed it!
Being from Utah myself and serving an LDS mission in Las vegas, as well as being very close to Donny’s age, I feel I have some connections with him.
The book was detailed and takes you through his life from very young to current.
He’s gone through so much, both good and bad. I loved all the stories he shared in the book!

What a wild life Donny has had (& it’s not done yet). I’ve loved him since I was 12 & I’m now 58, still love him! He’s made a real difference in my life! I still think of him every December 9th! So entertaining!

I have read this book twice! I agree you need to write another book.

This was one of my most prized possessions along with a CD ” very best of the osmonds” that TSA confiscated from my suitcase on a trip years ago that I never got back . 😥

Great book it would be nice to have a follow on 💜