Little Johnny Jones

March 22, 1982 New York


This was an eye opener for me on Broadway. Despite the fact that on opening night we had to stop the show three times for standing ovations, the reviews were, well, let’s just say that we opened and closed the same night. Ouch! However, I made a promise that I would someday redeem myself from this bump in the road.

Coincidentally, almost 10 years to the day, I began working on a little show called Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. And as they say, the rest is history.

Aww. i felt so sorry for you when this happened.
But .. wasnt it just great that Andrew LW offered you Joseph ! ….have watched the DVD hundreds of times .. i tend to pause it in certain parts of Close Every Door ..i wont say why tho lol 😄

Me too, when I heard it. Just couldn’t believe it! Especially, because I’d heard there were standing ovations during the show. Those people who wrote those reviews should be ashamed of themselves! They can make or break a career! Luckily for you, 10 years later, they were more fair to you: it all turned out fine. But I’m sure, there are others, who weren’t that lucky…….

I agree with Milly. I so wish I could’ve seen that show! I know you were awesome! I’ve seen the video of the Osmond Family Show where you did a couple of songs from it and your dancing in that video is terrific. I hate that they did that to you and caused you such depression and heartache. You never should’ve had a slouch in your career at all! I’m so thankful you didn’t give up when it got tough! I think the 10 year (and counting) run at the Flamingo and the sold out arenas in the UK are testimony to the fact that you are still very much loved!!!!!

Mandy Bridges i absolutely agree with ur comment !

Donny will always be loved by us , cos there isn’t a more nicest kindest caring talented
( can i say the S word 😲 ) .. sexiest & if this is a word..’handsomest ‘ man alive
#FansForEver ❤