Motown Medley

January 2, 1969 Las Vegas

I love this video so much! I wish it were the full song.

Donny is so adorable no wonder we all fell in love with him!

Oh My… I agree I wish it was Full Length,
You Guys really had it
Going On… L❤️VE IT !!!!

Memories! AWESOME TIME! I was 7 and THE OSMONDS were, still are and always will be an AMAZING TALENT and GREAT GROUP OF AMAZING SOULS ! <3

Oh my God, I love this!! Please put on the whole medley, if you can, Donny!

I have never seen this one!!! Oh, my goodness, Donny, do you have any idea how much we love you and how we fell in love with such a cutie?! Thanks for sharing. I too would love to see this whole medley!!

Love this. Donny was so young. Of course I didn’t see an age back then. Just knew we were going to be married. Like every other girl back then.

Ahh seeing this for the first time.. Love it.. You were adorable..

This is amazing…I’ve never seen it before! I’d love to see the entire clip Donny!

Fabulous clip!