Mulan/Captain Shang

January 1, 1998 Los Angeles

I’m the singing voice of Captain Shang

I just love that song and the movie, my daughter’s and I have watched it over and over and we sing along, they grew up with it and I’m just a kid at heart, great job Donny, I’ve been your fan for years, I’m 56 now and still love your music.

Love the song, you sing it só well, Donny!

That is my favorite movie!!! I love that song!

I listened to this song so many times while in the car with my boys. They loved it because it wasn’t what they called a “Disney Princess song.” Obviously I got to enjoy listening to you sing and no one objected to my musical choice! 😂

Years later I remember hearing you tell the story about “being the entertainment in the elevator” on a Disney cruise, 🤣🤣

I love Mulan she is one of my favorite disney heroes . My first being Raya and second is Mulan ! I love this song so much i watch the video over and over