Ogden, Utah 2 years old

January 2, 1960 Ogden, Utah

I still have that railing from that home. Not sure what I’m going to do with it, but it’s a great keep-sake.

Would be wonderful to pass it to one of your boys to have in their home Donny and be passed to the grandchildren too x

What is it with stairs? LOL….That was how I use to come down them too…….

🙂 🙂

Il give you an idea what to do with that railing ? …Why not make it into a walking cane ?
Just incase u ever you bust you’re butt again Lol 😀
( 🤞 u dont )

It’s funny how kids are the same all over. I used to do that too- and it was so fun!

Those steps remind me of the steps leading into my basement. My mom would dust them with a dust- mop that had residue of Pledge on it. Can’t tell you how many times I slid down all of them when I had my socks on. Like a toboggan ride! LOL

Keep the railings. They are very pretty. Sure you will use them.

This reminds me of going up and down our staircase…I used to ride pillows like a sled down them too! 🤣

How cute and precious to get a glimpse of a very young Donny!:) Did any of you ever get your heads stuck between those rails?