Ohio State Fair

August 28, 1972 Columbus, Ohio

  1. The Osmond Brothers first performed at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus on August 28-29, 1972. They had 2 performances each day for an estimated 70,000 people at each performance.
  2. Ohio State Fair 1972, my first concert, ever! It was an afternoon concert.

I was at this concert..my first to see The Osmonds…was exciting for a 15 year old girl.

My friend Dana and I attended all four of these shows! The Osmond’s were amazing…It was sooo hot out, but we were 14 & 15 and didn’t care! We loved every second, and proudly wore our white sailor hats with Donny and Jay’s names engraved on them…the highlight of the first show on August 28th, was singing Happy birthday to Wayne for his 21st birthday! So many great memories…wish I could go back and do it all over again!💜