One Night Only – Live from Birmingham, England (2017)

November 16, 2018 Birmingham, Englan

Awww, I always wished I could’ve attended a concert or met the Osmonds. Still on my bucket list, hahaha! I have played this DVD a thousand times and everytime it’s like I am in that audience. Brilliant DVD ❤

Hi Donny 🙂
Wondering how your new album is coming along ? ..many more tracks to complete ? ..have you chose a title for it yet ?? ..literally itching for its realise ❤

Rosie.. I’m not kidding when I tell you.. when you finally do see Donny in concert..u will think u are watching a 20 year old on stage..his energy is unbelievable..soooo fit ! ..his dancing is fast & furious & utterly amazing 🕺 ..& his voice will simply blow you away…..I hadn’t ever seen him solo until 2017 and honestly I was in awe…as you will be ❤