Osmondmania in the 70’s

January 1, 1972 England

Oh, the good ol’ days!

I was as Heathrow Airport, where this pic was taken. Remember it so well.

This is the year you came into my life and you have never left. I begged my step father to drive me to London to see you get off that plane. I was never lucky enough to come to any concerts but I have most of you albums still to this day. I came to see you in Las Vegas in November. Strangest moment of my life after all this time of longing to see you in person. I am hoping to get back to Las Vegas this year and do the meet and greet. Luckily I don’t have to come from England only South Dakota.

I bet, you’re very happy, that there are so many pics and film material, to relive those ‘good ol’ days, right? 🙂 Did you show it to your grandkids already, and if yes,what do they think of this, all those girls, screaming for their grandpa and his brothers?? 🙂

They actually think it’s kinda cool.

I was there that day …what an amazing time we had.. seeing our idols arrive .. got in a lot of trouble with my parents that day too for not going to school lol …. i was always in trouble when The Osmonds were in town . 😀

I could actually write a book about being a Osmond fan in the 70s .. such an amazing era.

So cool you’re grandkids think it’s cool :). And I’m sure they all think, their grandpa is still cool!

I was at the Akron Rubber Bowl in 1972 or 73. Never will forget the osmond mania. Your bus pulled in and you all waved. You think what else is there to life , lol
Can’t imagine from your perspective seeing crowds after crowds waiting for you and your family.

So glad you continue to perform, saw you and Marie in Vegas 2016. Truly a superb show! Tu!

One of the most amazing times of my life. I find it crazy that the amazing times have carried on into the present times, also extremely grateful that they have x

On the 8th November 1972 you played at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester. I was there with my friend & wrote about it for the school magazine! 8th November 5 years later I had my first date with my husband. Special date for 2 reasons!

8th November 1972, Free Trade Hall Manchester UK, a memory etched forever, first time seeing you & your brothers. Awesome, so loud! Such good innocent times. Many happy times since.

I saw you arrive at Heathrow in 73 when the wall collapsed. Luckily I wasn’t anywhere near it. Osmondmania at its best!