Paul Anka and Donny Osmond singing Puppy Love

May 9, 2009 Las Vegas

At the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, during the show called “David Foster and Friends” – For the first time ever in concert, Donny & Paul Anka sing Puppy Love together🐶❤

Omg what a great find !! Two legends who made Puppy Love a hit on the same stage ! AWESOME!

Oh what memories this brings back. I’m from Ottawa, Paul Anka’s home town. But I was a bit young when he had the hit. But I recall when I was in grade 6, a friend at school told me about Donny Osmond and that he was going to be on tv that night. All us girls were so excited, and I just loveshis rendition of puppy love.

I hadn’t seen this before! Two legends, one song, great duet:). Must say, I do like Donny’s rendition better, ‘course I’m only slightly prejudiced. lol