Pepsi Twist with Ozzy

January 26, 2003 Beverly Hills, CA

I’ve always loved this commercial.

That moment when you knew that Donny and Marie were awesome because they could not only make fun of their often over-the-top goody goody image and still capitalize on it. What a fun commercial and one they could have easily turned down for unnecessary fear of perpetuating the stereotype of them. Real talent is never tainted by image. I just love them both.

I love it. You and Marie make a great comedy couple.

I like when Donny does his Ozzy Osbourne impression 😛 Where’s the Super Bowl commercial you and Marie did with him? I prefer Coke, however, lol. Sharon Osbourne sure looks a lot like Florence Henderson:).

Hilarious! 🙂

Loved this commercial! I do love Ozzy .. he cracks me up ..even tho he did bite the head off that bat 😲 lol

I like Ozzy too.! He asked me one time to sing “Crazy Horses”, (well, his daughter Kelly ask me to sing it) and I did. And guess what, He absolutely LOVED it!

I remember seeing this when it first came out. It made me laugh then and it still does!

Love this !! Ozzy is a hoot LOL