Portrait of Donny

May 27, 1972 Los Angeles

Aw I’ve still got this . The number of nights id swoon over the 3 black and white pics inside the album

I have memories of playing this album over and over until it drove my family crazy!

I had a 2 inch binder with this picture on the cover! I got me through first year of middle school.

An Album that I loved a lot !!! especially Going Going Gone ..it’s funny that as soon as I play really old albums or songs that the lyrics pop straight into my head.. I often wonder Donny..if you could choose any song that you recorded in the 70s & re record it now in 2020…what song would you pick ? ❤

I remember playing this for hours on end when it came out. I remember it like it was yesterday. Such wonderful memories that I’m going to purchase it on Amazon.