Ralph Rotten Jr.

January 30, 1968 NBC, Burbank, California

NBC, Burbank, California

Love it. The whole site is anazing.

LOL- I am going to have to look this up.

Love it! The late, great Jerry Lewis.

Two treasures on earth <3 You and Jerry Lewis

I love all this new stuff I’m seeing! Thanks Donny, for this great site!

Lol at this 😂 .. were you talking in a british accent ?

Who knows?

LOL… Im sitting here tears running down my eyes .. i remember u saying ur mum told u NEVER call anyone a ding bat again Lol 😂 .. i do hope you havent

Ive watched this again today ..cos its Jerry Lewis birthday what a funny man he was…. and yep ! Its definitely a British accent ur talking in .. you sound like the Artful Dodger in the musical Oliver.. well you do to me anyway .. ur life has been SO much fun hasn’t it ☺