1966 in pictures!

January 1, 1966 California

  1. I’m holding our first official publicity photo in 1966
  2. This is the room where we learned all of our routines that we did on the Andy Williams Show. I have great memories sitting next to that piano because I learned to sing all of those cool, tight harmonies with my brothers from that upright piano.
  3. I found this picture of Jimmy and me taken around 1966 when we lived in Arleta, CA. It’s one of my favorites. In fact, it’s one of the few pictures that I always keep on my desk.

The photograph of you and Jimmy is beautiful

The Legacy begins 😉

JIMMY! (y)

Sweet memories……

Cutest picture of brothers, Donny and Jimmy:)

Beautiful Boys!

Family is so special and memories live forever. Such a natural perfect memory 😘 xx