RootsTech, London

October 26, 2019 London


London …Saturday October 26th 2019 was the best day ever. We queued for hours to get a good seat to see you 🙂..your talk was fantastic..the songs you sang were fantastic & the meet n greet after was the icing on the cake. Absolutely amazing day that was ❤

Absoultly great day much more than I expected- Mini concert & meet and greet aswell – the staff were all amazing got me intrested in geonoligy aswell thanx for a lovely weekend hopefully do it again !

I still laugh today over the hilarious story you told us about your parents and the “huh” ( is that spelt correctly) nickname they had for you lol &.when you were live on the radio & called them lol of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard 😂

I never knew about this website until last night when I saw Donnys Instagram stories , so it is my first time on Donnys here and I am thrilled with all the posts I have just seen. I to was at Rootstech last October I think I saw you there ? loved every second of his hour long speech and moon river. I could listen to him talk and sing that song all day and everyday.Knew nothing about the meet and greet untill it was to late 😥 hope I will have a chance of meeting him on his next british tour. Have loved donny for almost 40 year’s 💜 xxx

Hi Carol.
I’m glad you like the RootsTech presentation. I had a great time as well.
Welcome aboard to the Timeline.

Hiya Carol
It sure was a fabulous day…I don’t know if I saw you there..because I don’t know what you look like lol… add me as a friend on face book if you want to.. we can have a chat ….theres hours of fun here on Donnys timeline…hope u have as much fun as I do 🙂