Sacred Emotion

February 1, 1990 California

I always loved that song. Thank you for your website so we can reminisce and remember the earlier years.
You were my first love ❤️.
Thank you Donny

This has just got to be my fave video ever and the song is just the best I remember it was filmed on the 20th May my Birthday xx

I’ve always been a fan but this is when I really appreciated Donny’s voice. Time and trials made it rich and soulful. There’s still not another voice as beautiful.

Such a great song and also special video. Especially after you’ve explained the meaning of it. (Love the part where you get wet 🙂 )

I love this song!

Always l❤ved this song & video ..but ive often wondered & hope u don’t mind me asking ..but ..because of ur religion ..did you take any stick over the sexiness of it ?

Love your music and your passion for life Donny hope you keep it up for years to come. Yes I know you’ve been in this industry for over 50yrs but you seem to keep giving of who you are and you have already exceeded to grand highs on that. You never go out of style Donny you give your fans 100% that’s what keepsmehere as a fan and I still feel like I did when I saw you for the first time on stag thank you so much big hugs.🤗👍🏻

Thanks Lee Ann.
That’s very nice if you to say that.

I still love this video. ❤️

I want to buy the album version of this song but can’t find it anywhere. It always says it unavailable. Is there somewhere it is available?