Sacred Emotion

February 1, 1990 California

I always loved that song. Thank you for your website so we can reminisce and remember the earlier years.
You were my first love ❤️.
Thank you Donny

This has just got to be my fave video ever and the song is just the best I remember it was filmed on the 20th May my Birthday xx

I’ve always been a fan but this is when I really appreciated Donny’s voice. Time and trials made it rich and soulful. There’s still not another voice as beautiful.

Such a great song and also special video. Especially after you’ve explained the meaning of it. (Love the part where you get wet 🙂 )

I love this song!

Always l❤ved this song & video ..but ive often wondered & hope u don’t mind me asking ..but ..because of ur religion ..did you take any stick over the sexiness of it ?