1973 in pictures!

January 1, 1973

Dad bought us Donny hats, back from England – so excited!!

I was just wondering if you ever miss when the Family toured together?

Yes I do, but having this timeline is such a great way to hold on to those memories.

The 2nd picture looks like the Ohio State Fair! I was there!

I took that picture of you and Marie in Pittsburgh pa. Do you remember where you got It? I have a great story behind it

I don’t remember.
What’s your story?

I still feel sorry, that I never saw the shows in the seventees. 1986 was my first Osmond concert in Oakbrook Terrace, Chicago!

I love donny and Marie they are nice people and I love the Osmond and jimmy too they are nice people in the world I love you them so much. I like when Donny and Marie sing the tong song on the Donny and Marie love Candace

I was in Allentown and you threw me your purple cap and sometime took it out of
My hands. I told you the story backstage in Pittsburgh and you went and got
Me the red one then during the show you tossed me a purple one.

I have pictures but it won’t let me post

I tried to win that purple hat. Lol. 😊

Ce jour merveilleux où j’ai vu les Osmonds à Paris au Chatelet –

I remember your visit to the UK on 22nd October 1973 I was at Heathrow when the wall collapsed on the queens building. That was pretty scary. I remember it because it was 2 days after my sixteenth birthday. Did that episode have an effect on how you travelled. X

In fact, it did affect our travel plans but I enjoyed every bit of it. 😉

Your 1st album that I remember, I emailed you the picture, my daddy bought me when I was 9 years old. I’d share the story but it’s very personal. Let’s just say its not something any child should have to go through, but, I still have the album although it’s not playable any longer.

My first Osmond concert 23rd October 1973 the concert was phenomenal loved every second. Thank you x

Every time I see a field like that it reminds me of your Album cover 😀

Have just sent a still off a documentary at Heathrow airport to donny.com of me cheering just before the wall collapsed got in so much trouble that day !

Thank you