Soldier of Love Tour

December 6, 1989 Valley Forge PA

Dear Donny,
Hi! Here are my ticket stubs from the Soldier of Love Tour. I was lucky enough to see it at Valley Forge Music Fair in Valley Forge PA. That venue no longer exists, but I’ll never forget my wonderful experience there! It was a fairly small theater and set up in the round so I was close enough to actually be able to SEE you. The crowd sang Happy Birthday to you.
I’ve been a fan since “One Bad Apple” and when I think back on my young teen years, you and your music are such a huge part of my memories. I sang along (into my hairbrush “microphone”) to every song on every album.
It’s wonderful to see you and your lovely family and your continuing success. Thank you so much for all the years of pleasure and music and entertainment you have given me!
I love you, still! 💜
Donna Glerum