Soldier of Love

January 1, 1988 London, UK

Oh my gosh!!! I remember hearing this song on the radio and the announcer didn’t name the artist! I knew it was you, Donny! No one else had that gorgeous voice! I was in college when this came out!

Have to say Love this song so much it was so me and i’m still love it xx

Donny at first I thought George Michael was the Artist singing this AWESOME SONG! I was THRILLED later to learn that you had this HIT SONG! GOLD! GOLD! GOLD! (Y) (y) (y) (y) (y)

I gotta say really love this song Donny.

So glad you finally you got your ‘comeback’ with this song! (For me though, you ‘never were away’ 🙂 ) I stayed your fan, during your ‘lost years’, as you call it. From december ’72 until forever!

Donny in leather, it doesn’t get better:)–except when he’s singing!! Love the build up on-stage before this song that let’s me know it’s coming–please keep it in the act!