Stevie Wonder on the D&M Show

February 22, 1999 Los Angeles

This was probably one of the most exciting times of my life. To have the chance to sing with my musical hero was a dream come true.

So glad, that not only we, fans, have our dream come true, by meeting you and the whole Osmond family, but that yóu have your dream come true as well!

LOVE this! What a thrill it must have been for you to have your idol on YOUR show! I got to see Stevie here in Calgary a couple of years ago, there’s not much more you can say except AMAZING!

How cool is that?!! Two of my favorite singers together LIVE. Maybe some day you’ll record a song together with Stevie, D., where you both sing. Your voices truly compliment each other.

I was so thrilled 4u when u sang with him …Is ” My Cherie Amour” ur fave Stevie song ? ( cos its on STOML )
Mine’s ..Overjoyed . & i cried when u sang it on the Donny & Marie talk show …such a lovely lovely song

I only partially realized how cool it was at the time, but how amazing to be in the audience! It was surreal!