Soldier of Love in Las Vegas

January 1, 2017 Las Vegas

This is one of my favorite songs in the show at The Flamingo.

It is absolutely my favorite number of the Vegas show!

Having never seen you solo ..i was blown away by last years shows .. never seen anything SO BRILLIANT in my life are AMAZING.. ❤

One of mine too. Along with Crazy Horses. You rock Donny!

You are still the only celebrity that makes me cry.. in a good way..
Your music has helped me get through some very dark times…
But when Soldier of Love my friends said it wasn’t you… ha ha ha I showed them my 45 … they asked if you changed your style of music… I said nope.. So thank you for being Donny Osmond Entertainer

I LOVE seeing you perform in particular I LOVE seeing you perform SOL! The routine is amazing! The screaming should let you know how much we all love to see it! X

It is my favorite numbers in the show too. I absolutely LOVE the way you dance!!!

Brilliant!!! Love this number!!

Yes….one of my favourites too. 👍

I remember hearing this song and not knowing who the singer was, I was thrilled to learn that Donny Osmond was the man behind this great voice! This great song!

Mine too! I love the dance routine! And now , it’ll always be my favorite song, because it sticks in my mind forever, because I gave the right answer to the Trivia question about the video behind it, which had me win a phonecall with you, this month, a year ago (wow, how time flies!)

One of my favorites!

Love that song.can say it’s a favorite.

Like a thief in the night, who can’t get enough, i am willing to fight ’cause I’m a soldier of love…I’m gonna win this battle in the end!

The best tour Donny ..Running away for the week was fun with friends forever.. we even made the #dvd… we will beable to show our greatgrand kids if were blessed… The songs through all the decades of your career mean so much to us Thank you for spending time with us too pre and post shows… it was fun #purpleladies

I love everything about it; the song, the dance, the look and I am happy to say I was a soldier at your “surprise” 50th year in showbiz party LOL

My favourite part of the show!’ Love the song, the arrangement, the dancing and the outfit. I’m hoping one day, you’ll turn up to the meet and greet wearing the SOL outfit, I’ll let you know when I’ll be there lol.

I had a lifetime dream come true last June. I don’t know if Donny remembers but I got to meet both Donny and Marie after the show. I had a double lung transplant in Nov of 2016 and my sister grew up with me constantly playing records over and over, and hanging posters over and over. 🙂 When I was heading for surgery she promised me that, “when” I came out of surgery she was going to take me to Vegas not only to the Donny and Marie show, but to the meet and greet after! I will forever cherish that night. Got to say I had to forgive my sister for all the sisterly pranks through the years after that! I still have all the albums, 45’s, CD’s, dolls, dvd’s. Through my life they have inspired me and still do.

Solider of love was amazing.g..brilliant show..absolutely in awe of u..thank you Donny and Marie.

Saw you perform it 9/2016 in Vegas. That song is timeless! First time I heard it was riding my lawnmower on your CD that had come out. I remember thinking, Donny Osmond is back!! Heard your interviews how it got on the radio as mystery artist. What a story. That was great: bet you thought so too!

Mine too! I will miss this number so much. Hope you keep it (and the costume) in any future tour you may do 😘

Definitely one of the best parts of the Vegas show!

I was so blessed to see the show 4 times!!!
I loved it so much I flew back to Vegas to see the show again 10 months later!!! I’m still buzzing LOVED every second….No1 fan in Australia….