Donny was the first one to perform on Season 1 of The Masked Singer.

January 2, 2019 Los Angeles

You did a fabulous job .you made that costume crock..have to say K we it was you.being a long time fan I know your sound and your movements.I was so excited you did that show.hope they invite you to be a guest judge like in the UK talented.god has really blessed you.thank you for all you do on stage I appreciate that.I don’t think I could perform in a costume I give you much credit on that.bless you.

And what a first performance it was too ! Knew it was YOU straight away Donny !! 🤣👍😃🎶🎵🎼

You set the standard pretty high and very few have had the ability to come close to reaching it! Really wish those execs would bring you back as a judge on the US version!

There was a lot of pressure on you to start off that show, and you really nailed it, Donny!! I also know how hard you fought to get that song (THE GREATEST SHOW), such an awesome performance!!! Be great if you could become a judge on the U.S. version of THE MASKED SINGER:).