The Masked Singer UK

January 26, 2020 UK

Donny was a guest judge on The Masked Singer with Davina McCall, Rita Ora and Jonathan Ross. Donny replaced Ken Jeong for one episode.
Recorded September 23, 2019.

Really looking forward to seeing Donny on the masked singer really enjoying the show so far, I wonder if Donny has been following the show

Heard you are replacing Ken ?You need to be a permanent judge on USA masked singer .love you always Donny Osmond ❤❤❤❤

As far as I’m aware…donny isn’t replacing ken..he was in the UK in September and recorded one episode of the masked singer…which was a he should of stayed for the whole duration of recording lol …Hope you enjoy tomorrows episode as much as I’m going to Janice….its gonna be the best episode EVER 🙂

I have had a wonderful time watching you as a judge tonight. Please come back to the uk soon, we love and miss you. Tina, you were right it was the best episode ever❤ I have enjoyed all your tweets and face book posts tonight, you do Donny and us fans proud xx

Well..what can I say about tonight’s masked singer..other than.. Donny you had a ball..we had a can bet ratings were up this week ! reading so many lovely tweets regarding you…everyone loved you !!! and want you back .you gotta get a second home in the UK 🙂…had the best time ever watching you ..thanks for making Saturday night one to remember ❤❤❤

Aww thank you for kind words janice… its nice to feel appreciated ❤… I’ve watched the programme 3 more times today lol ..loved it 🙂 x

Would never have watched this.Only did because Donny was appearing.It was good.

Watched on Saturday.Donny was fantastic. Love the new look timeline,.so many memories x

Hi Donny
You were the cutest judge on their. Be nice to see you back for series 2.
Looking forward to your next move?
Hows the Album doing?

You were a huge improvement to the show..I was soooooo disappointed it was only one show

Hi Donny
You predicted correctly the winner of season two #MaskedSinger 🇺🇸 ..who do you predict to win #MaskedSingerUK 🇬🇧 next week ??
Tina Burgess

…… and viewing numbers would SOAR !!!!! 🔥😅🔥

LOVE the new web sight,it has been a wonderful walk down memory lane.I have seen some things i have never seen beofre. you were fabulous as a judge on the mask singer hope they have you back next year
love always
wendy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Loved you as judge on the show Donny💜.My daughter watched it with me and I told her how you were my first music heartthrob and my bedroom was plastered with your posters. Wish you’d come back. Still soooooo handsome x

Hi Donny
Masked singer UK literally just starting…who ya rooting for to win..?… my fave is Queen Bea…100% .. well 99.9 lol it’s Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud… & when I.tweeted that..her fan account liked it lol…betcha I’m right.. well I might not be 😮 …

Hi Donny
It’s the final of Masked Singer UK…down to the final two..I’m still rooting for .#QueenBee 🐝 …who do you thinks gonna win ?

Yeah baby ! I know a winner when I hear one lol …#QueenBee 🐝won & it was Nicola Roberts.. I think they need ME on the judging panel next year lol 😀

Donny can do anything he is so passionate in everything he does and so phenomenal man !

Donny U Was Really Rocking That Mask U Had On,It Would Be Great If You Was A Judge On The USA Masked Singer ,Would Love To See U On There ,I Might Do Really Good Figureing Out The Masked Singers ,Its A Tough One This Season .Have A Great Night.

I loved you on The Masked Singer UK has a guest Judge, would love you to be on it the whole season 2 for the UK instead of the Ken bloke.

YOU should be an American Idol Judge!

Hi Donny, I had the chance to see you and your siblings twice,once in 2006 and 2008 before your 11 year run in Vages.One of my work colleagues managed to get your autograph for me back in 1979 when you @dad(God Bless Him) for the Miss Universe Pageant .You just happened to walk into shop to buy something to eat but I had just left to go home My colleague Mariehad told you that I was a big fan of yours and that you kindly gave her your autograph to give to me but I unfortunately lost it because it was in my purse at the time. Would it be at all possible for me to have another one of famous autographs ? Please as it would be much appreciated jenni

Hi Donny,Hope u are all well during this Pandemic.I do not know whether or not you will read this but my only request is to replace your autograph that you were kind enough to sign for a work colleague back in the late 70s before you announced your marriage to Debbie.My work colleague knew that I was and still are an avid fan of yours.I had lost my purse containing your autograph in it.Would be really awesome if you could. Many thanks Jennifer Gail Schmid 5,/09/2020