The Masked Singer

February 27, 2019 Los Angeles

Yes, the secret is finally out. I am the Peacock on The Masked Singer!

Donny, I recognized your voice but what confirmed it for me was the clue about your posters on my wall. I had your posters and pictures from 16 and Tiger Beat on my wall. I enjoyed watching you as the Peacock and I was rooting for you. ๐Ÿ˜Š

I knew it! Your clue about the advice from your old friend Michael Jackson had me pretty sure. I saw a documentary in which you mentioned that story. I was definitely sure by the visual clue in your video of the peacock strutting around at home. I recognized the man on front of Gospel Library!
You were amazing as the peacock! I have been a fan since we were both little!

Donny, I knew it from the first time I heard you sing as the peacock! I would recognize the tone of your voice anywhere! I listened to your records for hours and hours when I was young. I also knew that every clue pointed to you. You definitely are the GREATEST SHOWMAN! Thank you for doing this fun show! I’m so glad that now everyone knows your true talents that some of us have known for many years!

Donny I knew it was you in the Peacock costume I am 30 years old but love your music, dancing and talent. I was disappointed you didn’t win but happy you were the runner up. Thank you for providing such great talent on the show. Truely a wonderful performer. Now you will have to use that Peacock costume in Vegas!

Donny, Being a fan for 50 years, I knew it was you from the first note! Everyone did a great job performing. Gladys Knight is truly a legend. I confess I had never heard of TPain before this show. Considering he used to auto tune his voice, it was great to hear what he could do on his own. I can see why he won, but I bet it was close! You are the ultimate performer. Thank you for all you do both in and out of the spot light!
Love, Cindy

I have watched the show the entire time and knew it was you from minute one! You have a great stage presence and your voice is unforgettable. I thought you did a tremendous job, and you know have a new legion of fans. Personally, I think you should have won!

You should have won. My wife and i have been fans for a better part of our 58yrs. In fact your family came to my ward and gave talks when i was only 17 best church function ever.You where awesome on the masked singer. hopefully i will see you and Marie on stage before we all get to old. I live in Las Vegas. 5th generation native. again you were great

You were my favorite hands down! Peacock fan for life!!!

I knew it was you! It took me 30 seconds to figure it out. Loved your performances as always.

Congratulations!! But I think you should have won it all๐Ÿ˜€ I am amazed at your performances and moves. Donโ€™t take this in the wrong way and I would not want to upset your wife but I donโ€™t know of any men at our age that dance like you do. And your vocals are so strong. You still have it. I grew up watching you and Marie and have always loved you both. You are one of the greatest!

Finally made it to bed in Northern Ireland around 4am! after watching The Masked Singer. The Peacock was easily the best performance of the night & the greatest all rounder & Greatest Showman of the entire season. Do you intend to add some of these songs to the Vegas Show or to your next album?

Donny you were great on the Masked singer. You may of come in 2nd place but your number 1 in my eyes and all your fans.

You are just as relevant now as you were in the 70’s! We are so blessed to have been able to see you perform on the show.

Oh how we knew you were #ThePeacock๐Ÿฆš from day one can never fool us fans Donny lol…You were fantastically fantastic !! those songs you sang ..any chance one or two might be on the new album ?
It’s been fun watching you having so much fun on that show may not of won ..but you will ALWAYS be our winner…. you are the Greatest Showman ๐Ÿ•บโค

I adored your performances! I was positive immediately it was you. Your voice has been giving me goosebumps, in the best way, for my entire life! The “unknown singer” when Soldier Of Love premiered didn’t fool me, and neither did the Peacock mask.
Thank you, Donny for being a constant source of pleasure for me all these years.

I knew it from day one- I know my Donny and the way he moves and sings. It was sealed when I saw the Wig… SHOULD HAVE WON

Congratulations Donny, in winning second place on The Masked Singer, I knew it was you from the very beginning, the picture of the Moroni gave it away !! #LDS. I’m LDS also. #Peacock #LongviewTexas

Great job like to see full versions of song sing by you

Donny, you were robbed! Your performances were heads and tails above the competition. It was like a cheetah racing against a sloth, turtle, snail, or any other slow-moving land animal. You left them all in the dust! There was obvious bias in the judging for whatever reason. But America knows the peacock won hands down. You even had the best costume. I love the nod to the 70s with your jumpsuit collar and capes. Well done, Donny. Amazing job!

After seeing you on this show, I began looking your music up on youtube. I came across an interview with Pierce. In the interview you said ‘ if you had a chance to live a life in Utah and not of gone down the path of being famous, you would take it’ As difficult as your life was it would have been a crime had we as young people not had the experience that you gave us.
I grew up in a very violent and abusive household , the kind that you don’t talk about. the world you created allowed me to escape through your music and the reading of your family the extreme dysfunction that had become my normal. I had a chance to meet your parents and you and your brothers backstage in Pittsburgh many years ago. I grew up that day as I realized in a quick moment that you were just people , very nice people but never the less people. It would have been a sin had I not had the experience and the chance to escape if only in my mind. Your peacock stint and hearing your music again gave me chills and In a good way ,we all are survivors in one way or another. I am sorry for your trials but I am glad you didn’t quit.

I fell in love with the Peacock on the first night. Your vocals, stage performance, audience interaction, and energy was amazing. I knew it had to be a seasoned performer with broadway experience. Then it dawned on me…..could it be Donny? First song of the first episode blew away the rest of the competition. You raised the bar and were a tough act to follow. In my eyes you won that competition.

love this its coo;

I loved your performances on this show, even if I have had an ear worm ever since you sang I Can’t Feel My Face, the worst thing about that being that they are the only words of that song that I know so I’ve spent the last few weeks singing I can’t feel my face, la la la la ๐ŸŽค๐Ÿคฃ Absolutely loved your version of All of Me, the arrangement was perfect. It’s been wonderful seeing how excited you are about having been a part of this show and getting the recognition from new fans that you so rightly deserve.

A lot of those fans that have been posted on Facebook we would like to have a peacock T-shirt unmasked

Awesome job! Should have won! You have an amazing voice and talent! You are an inspiration and you have been introduced to a new generation – my sons (11 and 17) loved you!

Thank you, Elizabeth. It was a blast.

Your performances were phenomenal. I was team Peacock from day one and recognized your voice. My daughter said, โ€œThat canโ€™t be him, he is too old!โ€ I told her to bite her tongue that is my teenage heartthrob you are talking about! Thanks for always putting on a great show!

No one even guessed T-Pain did you have any idea as to who it was?

Donny, you were the stellar star of the show. From what I read and from friends, viewers only looked forward to The Peacock’s next performance. My ninety yr old father thought you were the best one! I had him watch, too. Entertaining. Showman. He didn’t get to see the first episode.
Donny IS the ultimate multi-talented music artist. Yes, you have it all. We want to see more of YOU.
Thank you for doing this show. You set the bar. Spectacular.

I was fairly sure it was you from the very first performance. Plus the peacock costume and all the purple was a dead give away for me. But when you revealed the Wig it was done. You have always been a great performer and entertainer with a great voice. Congrats on being runner up. Very excited to see what you create going forward.

The Greatest Show was amazing, Got me thinking….Donny Osmond starring in The Greatest Showman on Broadway. Then, of course, a UK tour.

I find it suspicious the winner also dropped a record that week? Maybe if you had a record dropping you would of got 1st? Your performance was amazing. And Gladys Knight!! I also remember purple is a color that you use a lot. I had Donny and Marie dolls and they were in purple outfits. Could you record your singles from the show and put them out? You truly an amazing performer. I would love to see you on Broadway. Too be compared to NPH is a true compliment, especially since he could be your son! Lol! You got moves!

From the first note I heard you sing I knew it was our Donny I couldn’t wait to see the Twitter clips on a Thursday morning We couldn’t watch live in Scotland on a Wednesday.I knew you would make it through to the end you were just too mesmerising not to! . Will you be putting all the clips behind scenes etc. and all performances on here would love to see them all together Well done to our Winner xx

The Peacock has turned me into a Donny Osmond fan. I hope you got to keep the costume.

Thanks, James. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to keep it. I’ll keep trying though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Knew it was you Donny right from the very start. You were the GREATEST showman.Utterly amazing you were and should of won.Proud as a Peacock of our Peacock xxxxx
Do you know that your fan account Tina Burgess is heading to Las Vegas in a few weeks time. Donny, she does a fantastic job keeping us fans entertained every day. Please would you do something special for this lady, she really deserves it. Hope you come to GB soon , miss and love you Donny xxx

I knew it was you from the first note you did a awesome job .it was such a pleasure to see you had to be such a exciting fun experience of a lifetime..thank you for all you do .


Loved “Shake Your Tail Feather” – remember well dancing to it many years ago. Great job!

It was so refreshing to hear D. sing some new songs and reveal his youthful, energized self in a new way! This Legendary Singer has some new fans, to be sure, after this performance:). Donny’s rendition of THE GREATEST SHOW was phenomenal–hope he adds this to his Vegas act some day.

Not a secret to your fans as we knew from the first clues. Please record the greatest show and do it on the next UK tour. Any hints when that might be happening?

Such an amazing performance each and every time! Would love if you could record the “peacock songs”.

Im in the uk so saw this through fans posting and on u tube
Absolutely loved it
And knew it was u from the start
Ur sweet voice gave it away
Well done donny boy xx

WOW. I am a new fan. I did not know that much about you before, but I was so impressed with the Peacock. I am part of your flock now! ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks Corey.
Welcome aboard.

Donny you are such a great performer .have to say knew it was you from the first word of the first song.loved watching the show.such energy have been so blessed.thank you for all you do.

I have been a fan of yours since you were a teenager. Loved you on the Masked Singer. I thought it was you all along. your singing voice gets better with age. When will you produce an anthology cd? I miss the donny & marie show. We had great fun watching you sing on the Masked Singer. You should be a judge. one of my all time favorite singers.

Unfortunately I only saw yรณur songs online, but I loved it, and knew it was you, after the first few lines! I didn’t need any clues ๐Ÿ™‚ . You were great, I only wished, you had won. But ofcourse, I didn’t see the others, so I didn’t know, how bad or good they were…….

Once again you manage to woo your dรฉlicates fans , of course we all knew it was you how could we not recognise that voice we have listened too most of our lives . Great job Donny carry on shaking those tail feathers !

I knew you were “The Peacock” around your second performance but what sealed it for me is when you sang “All of Me”. I knew it was you long before Marie let the cat out of the bag.
I have been a fan of your’s since I was a little, now that I am in my 30’s I love your music even more. And I totally relate to Marie, I am the only girl out of a sea of boys. I have 4 brothers and 6 step brothers. Luckily now my brothers switched it. I have more nieces than nephews.

A new fan! So awesome was your performance on Masked Singer bravo and I must say better than the originals. By the way, they just pulled โ€˜The Greatest Showโ€™ video off all platforms, the publishers have some hefty weight to accomplish that.
Love your voice!

Thank you, Tiffany. Welcome to my world. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I was just going to say the same thing as Tiffany about The Greatest Showman! What a shame we can’t see it anymore. I did have it recorded on PVR and someone, who is going to be in a lot of trouble when I find out exactly who,, deleted it! Maybe they’ll feel so bad, they’ll send me to Vegas lol.

The first two words of the greatest Show gave you away. I knew it was you! I have been a fan since I was little and I know how old you are because Iโ€™m a week older. In my book you should have won. You are the greatest Showman!

Oh Donny, You were absolutely great on the masked singer, I knew it was you.. I heard you say once, Oh baby,, that was a give away , that it was you!! I knew you loved the song greatest show, it is perfect for you. See you in Sept.

Great Job!!! So proud of you….Excellence at work!!! You are a good man!

I was so upset to see the Greatest Show had been taken down from you tube, because it was my guilty pleasure. Earlier on twitter, Donny Update put out a tweet and my guilty pleasure is back !! and I am ecstatic ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿฆš
Btw , you were robbed of that winning title xxxxxx

Hi Donny
Been a fan since the early 70s. In my mid 60s now, still love you and your Music. You were Phenomenal on the masked singer and definitely should of won. Like Debbie, when the greatest showman was removed from you- tube, i was sad ,but have just seen it on Twitter, which has made me very very happy.Three cheers for DonnyOsmondUpdates !! Do you think you will make it a track on your new album ?
Love you Donny Osmond โค๐Ÿ˜˜

My sister and I knew you were the Peacock from the first couple of clues on the first show. The MJ clue clinched it. I can’t believe that your name only came up towards the end. You should have won.

BTW–a friend and I were at your show last Thursday, 6/13/19

It was exciting last week, to see a friend who lives in Vegas, post pictures of your Peacock costume from The Masked Singer! Did you know it was on display at The Mirage for a while?

Hello Donny,
Saw Hugh Jackman in concert a couple weeks ago. He opens his show with “The Greatest Show”. Spectacular performer. I do have to say your “The Greatest Show” version was even more superb. Truly.
I hope you are able to add this song to your future concerts.
Love ya!

Bravo Donny ;
No matter ; how you hide your voice ; came out very strong
Your hint; posters on the wall ;
Love you dearly
Xxx Di

Tonight is the opening of the Mask Singer.I know it will be as awesome as last where awesome a the are such a hard worker in all you do..I’ll be watching as much as are a great so many ways.thanks for everything.hope for truly many blessing to come your way as you make a new journey

Hello Donny
Have an amazing time on Monday judging the UK version of The Masked Singer …there definitely wont be anyone on there that’ll come close to being as great as #ThePeacock was ๐Ÿฆš ๐Ÿ™‚

I have not been keeping up with you but always loved and respected who you are. Also I have always loved you as a musical performer. Go Away Little Girl was my fav. and The Donny and Marie show was awesome!! Yes I have the Marie doll. I am from a big family so did not have the money to get you too. Still have the Marie doll though with all the outfits.
I have been recovering from breast cancer and I am able to sit and binge watch you all on youtube. The peacock was one of the videos that popped up when I went on youtube so I watched it. You are the reason I watched the Masked Sing!! Great performances. Now I have watching anything and everything I could about you and fam. Brought back so many happy memories. Thank you for that. Actually thank you to the whole family. I have watched you from a far but you have turned into a wonderful person. May God keep you in his tender care. Love it!! You’re a good one.

You are the GREATEST performer Donny. It was wonderful to be able to watch ‘The Masked Singer’ show almost as it was aired in the U.S.A. What would we do without the internet.

Just watched your video again Donny, what a voice, perfect for that song, and the costume is so Fabulous too! and wondered as it was the shows beginnings did you have a say in which costume animal /thing you wanted to be or where the ideas for the costumes already decided when you joined, ? As the spiritual meaning of the Peacock is just perfect for you xx

Had to watch this clip again and again. You did such a awesome job!!! Been a fan of yours from the beginning of your career Enjoy your next advent and God Bless to You and your Family!!

Hi Donny just seen clip for UK masked singer – so excited be nice to see you on ours screen’s again here in #UK eek you were fabby – yeah I was there lol I’m on you’re video jeez I’ll be glued to telly on Saturday rating will go through the roof
Good luck

Hello Donny
A thought that’s been going round in my head for weeks is….did u actually sing live ? or were the performances recorded..reason I ask is..those costumes are heavy and boiling can contestants manage to sing & dance without getting breathless ๐Ÿค”

That was all live singing. Not only was it hot in that costume, I could barely see out of it. But running around the stage like a wild peacock was actually kinda fun. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿฆš

Thanks for answering Donny…appreciate thatquestion ..I bet you lost a few pounds in weight after all your magnificent ๐Ÿ˜ƒ….looking forward to seeing you on british tv a masked singer judge .its been way too long โค๐Ÿ˜

Well Donny think the masked singer was a big hit for you all good reviews hope you had as much fun watching as we all did in the #UK we want to see more of you on our TV you’re well loved come back soon please ๐Ÿ˜˜ Donny Donny Donny O!O!Oh ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

Thank you, Grace. I sure had a fun time being a judge. It’s a lot easier when you don’t have to wear a peacock costume. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿฆš

Hi Donny

We loved Roots Tech and having you with us!

Then you were back to record the Masked Singer UK so close to my home! #Bovingdon UK!

The final Donny and Marie Show in Vegas hit the spot!

Weโ€™ve had Christmas and I received my One Night only Vinyl – thank you?

What can we look forward too next please???

Love Jac Lucy Grace Therese and Sam xxxx

Patience. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s coming soon.

Hi Donny, just wanted to say thanks for the birthday shoutout on Instagram and my dream is to meet you in person and share lots of memories with you. and to see if we are alike in some ways

I knew it from the first time you sang. I got goose bumps from listening to you do the song from The Greatest Showman.

Didn’t need any clues just guessed from the beginning a fantastic performance through out ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŽค๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถ

Hi Donny
Your Peacock identity had to be hidden from the Judges and Audience each week…just curious..did you tell Debbie or any of your family that you were the person behind the mask ๐Ÿฆš ?

Hi Tina.
Debbie knew all along. I eventually told my children but my grandchildren didn’t know until the reveal.

Too bad Marie had to spoil it!๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿฆ(But, sometimes we girls have trouble keeping a secret!!๐Ÿ‘„) Maybe time to try something else incognito, while you’re not performing together?!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’œ

Do you know. It’s one year ago today you unmasked your self as the AMAZING Peacock.๐Ÿฆš..I still cant believe you didn’t win … you’ll always be our winner though Donny โคโคโคโค

I actually to thank my aunt for getting me to watch the show. After the first episode she kept asking me to help her identify the voice of the Peacock. When she started playing the video I just smiled and chuckled because I did know the voice! And, if I hadn’t recognized the voice, your mannerisms would have given it away for sure! (Not to mention the clue package made it WAY to easy!) Your performances were truly all around fantastic! She’s been to many of your performances with me (she’s the one that took me to that first concert in 1971 ๐Ÿ˜), and, although a little late in life, has finally become a fan!

You were an amazing Peacock and I thought your versions of the song’s were better than the original’s โค


I want the album with all the song you sang as the peacock with you (the peacock) on the front Cover. Is there one out already?

Hey! I have fallen in love with you all over again! I cannot stop watching the replays of all of the songs! We need a DVD of the Peacock performances!! I agree with the above people who say your version was better than the original people! Thank you for entertaining us again in an exciting way!

I never saw something so crazy, and so entertaining in my life!! I loved every minute of it! I was in utter Awe when you sang โ€˜The greatest showmanโ€™. Week after week you continued to WOW the crowd of ALL ages and genders and it truly warmed my heart!! In my opinion, YOU are โ€˜The greatest Showmanโ€™.. and yes, no question,
The winner was you!!