The Osmond Cartoons

September 9, 1972

Paul Frees was the voice of our dog Fuji. You may not know that he was also the voice of many Disney characters such as Ludwig Von Drake, The Ghost Host as the Haunted Mansion, and the auctioneer in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride who says “Dead men tell no tales” among many other voices.

Watched the cartoon and loved them.

I remember watching this every Saturday morning at 8am followed by the Jackson 5 cartoon, I was 11 yrs old. Oh how I loved the Osmonds!

They were never shown in Holland, but I saw some of them (many years later) in the USA, while I stayed at a friends’ place.

Post Osmonds’ anime one by one to YouTube

I had to watch this on a black and white tv which rather spoilt the impact! Still loved it though

You guys really remind me of the Jackson 5 because they had a show but it came out a year before The Osmonds!😜

I watched this cartoon every Saturday. It came on either right before or right after the Jackson 5 cartoon. AWESOME STUFF!

I born in 1975, but I grow up watching The Osmond Cartoons in Spanish. I love to watch the show back in the ’80s. Beautiful memories I treasure from my childhood.