The Predetermined Peacock

February 27, 2019 Los Angeles

I guess I knew 40 years in advance that I would be the very first performer on The Masked Singer, and do it as a Peacock. 🦚


Thanks to Tammy Stone who wrote:

Dear Donny,
Do you remember this peacock outfit from the Donny and Marie show?  I saw this episode a few weeks ago and immediately thought of your Masked Singer costume.  Anyway I took a few screenshots from YouTube to remind you of this peacock outfit.  In case you might want to post a still shot or video clip to your website or social media.  Did you have an affinity for peacocks back then or was this outfit just the costume designer’s choice? I love all of the outfits you and Marie wore on your show in the 70s.  They are so cool. By the way, you set the bar on the Masked Singer for all future performers to try to attain.  I don’t know what the judges were thinking but you certainly earned and deserved that trophy.
Tammy Stone
Thanks Tammy. BTW, the Peacock was my choice. 😉

I love this! It’s as if someone knew all those years ago that it was your destiny to be the most famous Peacock in the world 🤣 Do you still have any of your costumes from the shows in the 70’s?

No, but I wish I did. 🦚

I completely agree he set the bar for other Masked Singer contestants. I continuously watch the Peacock performances still trying to figure out how he didn’t win! T-Pain is a good singer, but Donny worked the audience!

Dressed in those costumes you sang “Blue Bird ” 🐦🎶 and did you know a Bluebird is symbol of happiness ..pleasure & joy …something that you have given us for many years & for that ..I thank you 💙