The Soundtrack of My Life

January 13, 2015 Las Vegas

My favourite album… to go with my favourite concert
One night only #Birmingham wow wow wow we were all 14 again… xx

I love this album..and the tour

This is one of my favourite albums! For your next album Donny, I think you should release ALL the song’s you Performed on the Masked Singer 🦚🙂

Loved this album..often listen to it.. loved the way you put your mark on every song…Eagerly awaiting news of your next album…its taking forever to make lol…they say #GoodYhingsComeToThoseWhoWait I’m sure its gonna be good…good ? Let’s change that to GREAT 🎶❤

SURVIVOR is my all-time favorite DONNY song–D. not only survives in this industry, he THRIVES in it. I always have to play SURVIVOR over and over. Got my signed copy of The Soundtrack of My Life kept away safe and sound:). I WHO HAVE NOTHING, on the Deluxe version, is such an under-stated powerful performance. Hope to hear Donny sing both these on-stage some day. Don’t know which album I like better, this one or WHAT I MEANT TO SAY.

P.S. Donny–NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU!! not even Sinead or Prince:)