The test shows at MGM prior to The Flamingo

July 19, 2008 Las Vegas

Hi Donny,

Having been a fan ever since I was a child faithfully watching “The Donny & Marie Show” every Friday night in the 70s, I knew that when I heard that you and Marie were getting back together for a select number of dates at the MGM in Las Vegas in 2008 that I had to go see the show. In fact, your limited run coincided with my 40th birthday and it seemed like the perfect way to celebrate a milestone such as that.

My best friend, Renee (who is equally a lifelong fan), and I  bought tickets for the July 18, 2008 show which also gave us access to the sound check prior the show. To finally be able to see you both in concert was such a thrill!  It brought back all those awesome childhood memories as well as hear the current music you’ve been making over the years (which is part of my workout playlist to this day).

Over the years since that show, however, I have always been disappointed in myself that I did not participate in the meet and greet in 2008, so to celebrate my 50th birthday this past year, I bought a ticket to see you at the Flamingo and finally had the opportunity to meet you both and thank you for all of the wonderful years of entertainment you have given me. You both were so gracious and meeting you was definitely a lifetime highlight!

Attached you will find both ticket stubs: from your 2008 limited MGM Grand engagement and the 2019 show during your final performances at the Flamingo.

Thank you for all the awesome music and memories!

A lifelong fan,