The Top eCard of 2019

December 31, 2019 Los Angeles

Donny Osmond was the top e card of 2019

But of course! I still love my live version the best, but send this one to everyone I know 🙂

I was fortunate to receive two for my birthday today 🎁🎉

I’ve shared this so many times this year! Everyone loves it!

I have sent this card out SO many times! It has been said to be the BEST ecard ever….even by the men in my life!
My favorite version though was the personal one you sang for my grandson, Bronson. His name was not on the list. You’re so kind, Donny!!!

Today, is my Birthday and I have been sent three of your Birthday songs! It has been the best Birthday ever and I’m not even sad that I am 59 years old lol. Thank you Donny for singing to me three times today ❤ xxxxxxxx

Last year I got 5.🕺🎁🎤..this year you only sang to me once🕺🎤..once is better than nonse tho 😀