This Is The Moment Tour

June 21, 2001 Foxwoods, Connecticut

Hi Donny I have been a fan since I was 11 yrs. old!  Saw you and your brothers perform in the 70s in concert and at Madison Square Garden!  During your This is the moment tour back in June 2001 at Foxwoods in Connecticut. I wrote an email to Foxwoods and wrote what an inspiration you were in my life since I bcame a fan at only 11 yrs old and how I loved your music and on and on and how had never met you and she passed my letter onto your manager and then to you and I was invited to a meet and greet backstage after the show and finally was able to tell you all this in person!  I will always remember how kind you were after probably hearing this a million times!  Here is a pic of that night !  I also told you we share the same birthday of Dec.9th only I am 2 years younger. I turned 60 this year! Thank you so much Donny for the music the memories and I am still a fan almost 50 yrs!