Brookfield, Illinois

June 30, 1984 Brookfield, Illinois

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Donny, In the 80’s you and Marie performed at the Greensboro NC coliseum.
My grandmother and I were both huge fans and I took her to that concert. In that venue, you went out into the audience and climbed over the lower rails. My grandmother helped you over by grabbing your rear end. I said to her, grandmother, you touched his butt! She replied, I didn’t want him to fall! Thanks for the great memory of my grandmother who is now gone!

My friend and her sister were at this show. Her hubby at the time, owned a Limo service. He drove the brothers and Marie. My friend said you pulled up in a red, convertible sports car. You said hello, but she was so “tongued tied,” she couldn’t get a word out to say hello back to you!