Ticket to Pantoland with a special surprise visitor.

December 9, 2021 London, England

This submission was from Melinda Bayley. Her tickets caught my eye because she came to the December 9th show which happened to be my birthday. It was also the official opening night for the musical “Pantoland” in London at the Palladium Theater.

I had to stop the opening song because the entire audience started singing Happy Birthday to me. From center stage, I looked out in the audience and to my surprise about 5 rows back, right in the center was non other than Andrew Lloyd Webber himself. The coolest thing about that moment was the fact that he was singing Happy Birthday to me.

I told him afterwards in my dressing room that it was a moment I’ll never forget. Not very many people get the chance to have Andrew Lloyd Webber sing Happy Birthday to you. LOL!