The 1st American Music Awards with Michael and Me

February 19, 1974 American Music Awards

So awesome and sad at the same time. Thanks for sharing.

I can never forget watching this monumental moment. My two favorites. I believe the year was 1974, not 1982, as listed. Thank you for this unbelievable website Donny! Your fans couldn’t ask for a better gift.

Remember this well but it was definitely not 1982!

I didn’t see this, until a few years ago: so cute, young Mike and young you together!

I still cant believe MJ died
The J5 were the first group i saw live -& on my birthday.. Oct 30 1972 at the London Palladium ..absolutely LOVED them .their songs ..Goin back to Indiana.. Got to be there.. Rockin Robin
Wow ..👌 .. then 5 guys from Utah appeared on the scene & … 😔 .. i couldn’t be a fan of 2 groups.. one had to go …😔 ..the rest is history ☺ .. i still miss MJ tho.. & still play his albums… ❤

Always love watching this so cute 🙂