Yo Yo Flash Mob at The Forum Shops in Las Vegas

July 23, 2011 Las Vegas

I participated in that! What a fun time. When are we going to have another GT Donny?

WOW! Donny that is really neat. Your such an amazing man. I have never seen you in concert. My wish is to see you some day in a concert.

Take care

This is fabulous!!! Love the new site!! Please come back to Canada again soon!! Niagara Falls, Orillia, Windsor Ont, would be wonderful!!! My home city, London, On would be awesome, as well!!

I was there! And I enjoyed so much YOU teaching us the dance routine through YouTube! I still work out to it!
Let’s do that again!

This was so much fun! Best GT ever! I will never forget the fun activities and the MAD program!


All your Get-Togethers, which I attended, were great, but I didn’t like this part. I learned all the steps in the months before, practiced every day, and I did the dance very well (at least, in my eyes! haha), but I was brought to the 3rd floor, where nobody saw me and all the others there, dancing. Others, who were on lower levels, danced worse, than we did. Oh well, you can’t have all. You did your best. But all the other things during the GT were great…….

Thank you once again for a FUN Filled, Magical Three Day Get-Together, July 2011. All days were HIGH-Lights but the Icing On The Cupcake, was the Friday Night DDF at Caesars to the song “YOYO.” Another would be FUN to…. Down By The Lazy River or even Hold her Tight! I think my 6 years years of ZUMBa would pay off now!

Love this!

That looked like real fun!

Loved this Donny. Wish I could have been there with my scottish friends who took part. I remember you had the dance moves to learn YoYo on “You Tube” are they still available, can’t find them ? would love to learn the dance at home as a keep fit exercise. Xx

Yo-Yo flash mob …. so cool! Now I’m going to YouTube to see the whole video.

I just love this! So talented!! 🎶💜

Tons of fun!!!
I won for “Most Entertaining!!!”

Boy this was fun! Turns out the Yo Yo dance was a great rehab for my torn rotator cuff!

I took part in this. It was so much fun! A brilliant Get Together.

I was there on the balcony making sure I did all the dance moves correctly. Even went to the dance studio to practice before the forum. Was such a fun e oerience meeti g in the Fkamingo before walking to the forum shops with you leading g the way. Airways grateful to your loyal fans. Hugs always fab since Anaheim Stadium 1973!

That day was FABULOUS! Loved practicing in the school gym, and then doing the real thing that night at the mall. I even made it into the video! A memory I will cherish FOREVER!

How cool is this! So much fun it would be to see and be a part of something like this with you! 💜

VERY COOL! 0:45 Smooth move D!