Yo Yo

January 1, 1972 Flip Wilson Show

I loved this routine of Yo Yo, especially the outfits.

the best!!

Ahh, the memories 🙏🏼

I could watch this over and over again! Which I have, hehe. Love it! !!!

OMG !!! WoW 😮 So Much talent and Sex Appeal too… The choreography and the Costumes were amazing

One of my many favorites

I love these suits!

It’s a fun song. And, I love it when you say during that last Osmond family concert, “I Like this Song.”:)

Ohh so many years ago.. The Osmond mania got to me to.. Loved this routine.
Greetsz from Rotterdam..

My favourite video and jumpsuits.

When I watched this..Donny made me realize the difference between a boy and a girl..lol..

Just found this performance of yo-yo on YouTube, and I can’t get enough!
It is so dynamic,exciting, choreography was excellent, those costumes were, can I say, sexy, and you and the lead brother sang like nobody’s business!
Thanks for putting your past performances on YT. It brought back many good memories of our family watching The Osmonds on tv.

This is one of my favorites! I watch this over and over and when I want to show someone what true performers look like, this is my go-to!

Love this song and the awesome dance routine. One of my favorites.

I don’t watch award shows but this video deserves some kind of lifetime achievement award — Grammy or something — for best music video ever.

First of all the Osmond harmonies are incredible. Adding Donny’s (your) prepubescent voice adds another dimension that pushes this song to another level vocally.

My vocabulary is not adequate to describe the dancing/choreography in this Yo-Yo video. Amazing, impeccable, flawless, and spot on come to mind. The best I can come up with is wow… just wow. Donny, how long did it take you and your brothers to learn this routine? Who choreographed it? It looks like you put some karate moves in the choreography. So cool! Donny, I’m amazed at how well you danced at such a young age. (And nearly 50 years later you’ve still got it, Mr. Peacock.) Incredible.

Jumpsuits epitomize 70s fashion. I love jumpsuits. Elvis was right when he told your family that jumpsuits would make you and your brothers more macho. It doesn’t get any more macho than these black jumpsuits. What I love about these black jumpsuits is that each one is uniquely embellished yet they still match. A good jumpsuit is nothing without an awesome belt. The belts in this video certainly qualify. I love that each one has a different color so that each outfit is unique. Except, Donny, what’s up with yellow instead of purple? Actually the yellow looks really good. You Osmond boys sure can dance and sing.

I love everything about this music video. I watch it over and over again in awe of the sheer talent exhibited.

Use to dance with you in my living room and I would sing into the end of my hairbrush 😂. Had you plastered all over my bedroom walls, Tiger Beat, Sweet 16 etc… What joy and heartbreak you brought to me in my days of youth ❤️

My favorite performance! I do not want to admit to how many times I’ve watched entire video on YouTube.

I remember watch that, its still one of my favorites. Before the purple days.

I so enjoy watching these old performances. Can’t decide if I like the black jumpsuits or the white ones better.

Amazing 😘

yoyo is the best you guys ever did the song the song is spot on the dance outfit are amazing